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Service Description

 We gather together the list of school supplies that is recommended from the different schools in the community and purchase those supplies along with backpacks.  We plan a day in August where we distribute to those kids who register for the supplies.  If we have anything leftover we give it away to the rest of the children that may have not registered or take the remaining supplies to the school.

During the Christmas season, we gather information from the schools and based on need and good grades we choose different families to give toys and other items away.

When we have extra funds, we choose a household and pick out a month where we pay rent, utilities and give food to those in need in the community. 

 Community Analysis Summary

South Apopka has a very long and rich history filled with a proud cultural heritage that produces a real sense of community and some extraordinary people. It is a historically African American community in Central Florida that is home to approximately 4,000 residents.  It also has a darkened history of racial segregation, highlighted by railroad tracks that literally and metaphorically divided the black and white sections of town.

South Apopka is unique among rapidly expanding Central Florida in that it has had almost no population turnover. Most of its residents were born, raised, attended school there, and are now raising families of their own there. This is a very different situation than what is taking place throughout the rest of Central Florida where the population has quadrupled over the last 50 years.

South Apopka provides us with a historical perspective of the small community lifestyle that once existed.  Today there is a great need in many areas of South Apopka.  The communities we will serve is a diverse community in its racial makeup.  However, the residents all share one commonality, the struggle to get by.  The approximate 1,500 residents’ median household income is a mere $20,000.  This ranks them among the lowest in the country.  USA.com 



  • We offer school supplies to children and teachers.​
  • We offer gifts during the Christmas season.
  • We offer household assistance such as rent, utilities, food, etc. to needy families.